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Secret Life of an escort

My Secret Life as an escort in Birmingham

Secret Life of an escort

The secret life of a Birmingham escort can often mean she leads a double life. She has a life with her family and friends using her true identity. She may be in a relationship or be married with children. She may have another job or is studying at university. But then she has an escort identity, with a working name, a flirtatious personality, a secret mobile phone. In real life, she will probably dress completely differently to her escort persona. Her escort persona is her alter ego. She may even rent a secret apartment to offer incall bookings.  

The reason Birmingham escorts have a secret life is because they worry about the ramifications if her job ever came out. Or the consequences of her actions. She may have the shame or embarrassment of being an escort. Whatever the reason that she has to keep her escort job a secret; she has no one in her life that she can confide in. She has no one in her life that would understand her needs. She may be in dept and an escort job in Birmingham is the only way she can make a good income for herself. She may be worried that her friends and family would disown her if they knew she worked as a Birmingham escort.  

Ultimately the reason some Birmingham escorts feel they must lead a secret life is because they have no one to turn to for support. And this in return, is exactly the reason why people visit Birmingham escorts! As a result, escort agencies are in the middle making the bookings; to hide the true identities of the escort and the client. Neither the client nor the escorts in Birmingham have access to each other’s mobile phone numbers. When two strangers are meeting, there must always be privacy and discretion. If neither knows their true identities, there can be no kiss-and-tell stories, blackmail or extortion. Unfortunately, there can be no risk in allowing another person to have information on her true identity. The secret life of a Birmingham escort must be kept confidential.  

There have been occasions when escorts have been spotted on a website. Of course, you must ask what the intruder was doing looking on an escort website in the first place?! But neither the less, they have. To further hide a Birmingham escorts secret life, faces are usually blurred on the escort’s photographs. As well as any distinctive tattoos.  

Until society opens its eyes to the need for escorts, Birmingham escorts will always need to keep their escort jobs a secret.  

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