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Birmingham escort industry

Birmingham escort industry

Birmingham escort industry

Birmingham escort industry is the umbrella term for adults who provide companionship, adult entertainment or escort services in exchange for money. A misconception is to call the industry the sex trade. It is not correct to use this term. Whilst most clients are booking time and companionship. Paying for time and companionship is not illegal in Birmingham. What takes place in private between two consenting adults is strictly between them. It is not illegal to have a one-night stand with stranger. 

Birmingham is the second largest city in England. There is evidence to suggest that the Birmingham escort industry has been thriving since the 1960´s. It has always been a thriving underground business. Nowadays, the police tolerate the Birmingham escort industry providing a low-profile is maintained. This means no complaints from neighbours, no underage girls, trafficked women or drugs. The Birmingham escort industry is very controversial, especially where a Birmingham escort agency is concerned.

Many have strong moral objections to the escort industry in Birmingham. Usually because they perceive the girls as prostitutes and clients paying for sex. Unfortunately, they do not take into consideration the disabled, house bound client, who is lonely and requires a female friend. Nor do they think of the lonely widow! Who´s only opportunity for companionship is a Birmingham escort to take him for a cup of tea at the local café. They do not think of the lonely female clients who book escorts for a platonic temporary friendship. They do not think of the single, hardworking businessman who has very limited free time for a relationship. There is a kind and caring side to the Birmingham escort industry, that citizens do not understand. Unfortunately, because of the media, it is portrayed as a seedy, controlled industry where girls are forced by criminals and pimps.  

The escort industry in Birmingham represents thousands of female companions. These are working with businesses called Birmingham escort agencies. Each Birmingham escort agency has a large selection of females who are advertised on their website. Men call the escort agency to make a booking with the escort they like the look of. A lot of trust is involved as the client does not meet or speak to the escort until the time of the appointment. For privacy reasons. Escorts are hired by the hour to keep the client company. This can be incalls at the escort’s apartment in Birmingham. Or the escort can do an outcall where she travels to the client’s house, hotel or somewhere else in Birmingham.  

There are many different types of companions in the Birmingham escort industry. Ranging from 18 years to mature escorts. Young lads, covered in acne, who are bullied need to hire a friend sometimes too! They range in appearance, from tall, busty and with tattoos. Like all humans, each escort has a different personality! And they all have services that they will or will not do.  

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